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We are Jeff and Amy Carlson. We have been married the turn of the century and have eight wonderful children (four biological and four adopted from Poland in 2015. We live in Plainfield, IN on 6 acres with Charlie the dog and 30 chickens. We love ALL THINGS Disney and love to travel with our family. We love our church, our community, and the people who make both of those things exceptional in our lives.

Our hearts desire is to serve God to the fullest with every day He gives us on this earth. We want to spend our lives for the cause of Christ in people….We do this through the church we pastor, our community connects, friends, fellow laborers for Christ, and now through adoption.

Adoption is the heart of the Father. He loves all of us so very much…so much so HeDSC_8512-Edit sent Jesus to make a way for us to be adopted and grafted into the family of God. Those who believe are joint heirs with Christ and full members of the family. No one has to be an orphan. Everyone who comes to God is accepted and welcomed by Him. If you’d like more information about what it means to be a part of the family of God, please contact us below, we’d love to talk with you or follow the web link…….He will NOT leave us as orphans, He has and will again come to us!


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