It’s a question we get somewhat regularly. Adoption IS very expensive. It takes an enormous amount of funds both in our country and in the other country to pull this off. If you’ve ever adopted before, especially internationally, you understand the costs every family incurs. Generally speaking, the adoption of one child ranges in fees from $25,000 to $30,000 depending on the country of adoption.

Our adoption is a little unique as we aren’t adopting one child but four. There is a reduction is fees as this is considered “special needs.” Also, any child over the age of 3 is considered an older child and thus “special needs” because they are harder to adopt out. and we have some of those.

So all of our fees including travel, home study, immigration documents, agency fees, and Poland fees are going to push $40,000. We’ve received to date around $4500 of that through the generosity of some of our friends. This is a large expense for our family and there’s basically no way we can just cover it.

The Lord has encouraged us with peace, knowing He will provide all we need!!

As soon as our home study is complete we can begin applying for grants, and there are a gazillion out there…..but there is also fierce competition for limited funding. We have already perused them and picked the 15 – 20 we will apply for, thanks to the hard compliation work of a couple of our friends. We CANNOT WAIT to start that process and see some real movement in that number!

But perhaps you’d like to be a part of this…’s OK if you don’t, financially, anyway, but many people love to be a part of something bigger than they are. I keep telling people who ask, “Amy and I will raise these kids for the next 20 years….putting food on the table, taking them on vacation, building memories, helping them through school & college, helping them become useful mammels……but maybe you’d want to help us on the front end….help us get them home so we have the opportunity to do all of that.” There is absolutely NO PRESSURE in this…. and we love you the same!!! But there are basically two options if you’d like to be a part of this:
1. You can send a check to help cover expenses. Send it to us at 620 N Carr Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168.
2. You can give through You can check out our page by clicking here.

Whatever you do, we are grateful and always will be. Our kids will know your name and have a full understanding we couldn’t have brought them home without youre help. Not to mention all that treasure in heaven stuff……

Any questions?? just ask!!