The last few days have been super busy….We are in the middle of our home study process, so Amy and I, for that, had medical exams. I want to say a big THANK YOU and shout out to my friends over at Kingsway Community Care Center in Avon who took Amy and I in and helped us complete the medical exam. After a quick jaunt over to the hospital for blood work. All of our paperwork is now finished for the home study so we can proceed!! This is excellent news. Oh, and I don’t have Hep B, tuberculosis, or HIV. That’s good, too, I think.

The preliminary approval we received from Poland made everything a little (OK, a LOT) more real. Like I mentioned before, we had really tried to get our hopes up, but now they were sky-high! Rebecca made it clear we could do some things to show Poland we were serious….like make our relationship with CHI official, sign with a home study agency and get that ball rolling, and start working on paperwork. Her feeling was if the director of CHI and the on-the-ground liaison could demonstrate tangibly to the folks in Poland we were in this for the long haul when they met in a few weeks, Poland would be much more likely to officially say yes. So we did all those things while we waited for the ladies from CHI to head to Eastern Europe in mid-July. We signed up with CHI right away. Why not, right? We had really loved everything about them so far. Then we started looking for an agency in Indiana that could do our home study for us. There were only three Hague certified, which is required for an international adoption. We really liked the relationship some friends of ours have had with FTIA in Evansville (Families Thru International Adoption) so we signed with them to do the home study. Up to this point there hadn’t been any investment, financially. But at this level, that had to change. In fact we needed $3,000.00.

Like, yesterday.

I had already been thinking about selling my truck. The 11MPG was killing me! The day before I was going to do the obligatory pictures and list it for sale on Craigslist, God reminded us He is The Great Provider. In conversation some very dear friends of ours found out about our plans for the adoption (not many people knew at this point) and our immediate need. We talked a little about all the upcoming hurdles and what we felt God was doing before they left and went on their way.

A few minutes after they left, I received a text from them. It went something like this…..”hey, we’ll take care of the $3000. Just let us know when you need it.”
It was one of those moments I was floored and yet I wasn’t floored. God had shown us already He was in this whole thing, He just hadn’t yet made it clear HOW He was going to provide the $40,000ish it was going to take to make it happen. This first act of obedience on our friend’s end (not their first act for sure), and our first act of true trusting faith, was God’s little way of reminding us He knows the need and has a plan to meet it. If He called us to this, He would provide for us to accomplish it. I think, as a believer, I consciously understand this, and as a pastor I constantly preach this……I just don’t always live it. Can’t you relate?

What a joy it was to write a check to PAY IN FULL our home study and our initial fee to CHI!!! Never have I been so excited to write checks totaling $3000 in my life!!

This wasn’t the first miracle God had performed for us…or rather for these kids. But it was a MAJOR confirmation of what we felt God was already showing us. What’s for absolute CERTAIN, is this miracle would not be the last.